DIY Garden Hutch

A garden hutch that you can build yourself is an excellent alternative if you’re looking to cut costs and enjoy a gorgeous garden. A garden hutch usually an extension of your house and has doors that are that are built in the wall. This allows homeowners to not have to dig into their backyard. The purpose of the garden seat is to offer an additional place to sit or to sit and read your favourite books. If you have the proper tools and instructions DIY garden hutches can be built in a short time.

Before you begin the DIY garden hutch build ensure that you’ve got all the required tools. It will depend on the kind of hutch you’re creating. An assortment of screwdrivers, a few nails, a hammer, and a few wooden shims are the items you may require. They can be bought at the local hardware store or lumber section, or at a supermarket. It’s recommended to ask someone else look over the plans before beginning construction. This will help ensure that you’re using appropriate materials and that your plan is feasible and practical. If you’re construction, this could be extremely helpful.

After you have all your documents in order and items purchased, you are able to begin making your own garden hutch. An outline is the most effective method to construct an outdoor built hutch. There are a variety of plans available online and in woodworking publications. If you plan to construct your own hutch It is a great idea to follow plans that was written by someone with previous experience building outdoor furniture.

SymPartQtyThickWidthLengthLumberBd FtCost
ATop13/418 1/2264/4 Red Oak3.8$9.99
BSides23/418374/4 Red Oak10.6$27.66
CFrame rail43/41 1/4244/4 Red Oak1$2.49
DFrame rail13/41 1/424 1/24/4 Red Oak0.2$0.64
EToe kick13/43244/4 Red Oak0.6$1.50
FDrawer front33/48 1/8244/4 Red Oak4.7$12.15
GDrawer front13/46 3/8244/4 Red Oak1.2$3.18
HDrawer sides61/27 3/415 3/44/4 Y. Poplar5.8$9.65
IDrawer sides21/2615 3/44/4 Y. Poplar1.5$2.49
JDrawer back31/27 3/423 1/44/4 Y. Poplar4.3$7.12
Kbar magnets for closure11/2623 1/4Neodymium1.1$1.84
LMagnetic Latches53/41 1/424Neodymium1.2$1.98
MRing Magnets103/41 1/415 3/4Neodymium1.6$2.59
* Bd ft prices listed on pick list.
Cut List
Pick List
LumberBd FtCost/Bd FtTotal Cost
4/4 Y. Poplar15.5$1.65$25.67
4/4 Red Oak22.1$2.60$57.61

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