Airplane’s Magnetic Field

Magnets for Aircraft Use

Aircraft magnetic compass systems are simple, inexpensive, and convenient. The compass card rotates as the magnetic field dips during a northerly or southerly heading. The compass is a piece of equipment attached to a metal float and is sealed inside a clear liquid, usually kerosene. The float is covered with a graduated scale that can be viewed through a window. The scale is marked by the four cardinal directions as well as a number between the letters every 30 degrees. The final “0” is omitted. The card has 10 degrees of graduation. The card’s long marks indicate 10 degrees.

An airplane’s strong magnets varie by many degrees. For example, a strong magnet must be protected in a box that is durable to prevent it from getting caught on metal objects. The maximum field strength of magnetized material is 0.00525 gausses at 15 feet above the crate surface. Protect your plane from the magnetic field by carefully packing your magnet. Use sturdy boxes to protect your aircraft’s magnet system.

Even though ordinary toys and gadgets might contain magnets it is important to inspect the packaging before you place them on the plane. Low-powered magnets are best as they will not interfere with the aircraft’s navigation systems. For safety reasons, it is a good idea to hire certified personnel to place magnets in aircrafts. You should use a specialized magnetic container if you fly for a long period of time or often.

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